I'm so glad you are here.

My name is Ashley!
I’m a Michigan based photographer with a passion for all the aspects of photography. I love being able to capture people and their hearts and souls, but I will never shy away from landscapes and cities and abstraction.

I love musical theater 🎭 it lights me up! I paint wine glasses, make jewelry and pottery.

This quote: “People like you must create. That's what you were brought into this world to do, Bernadette. If you don't, you become a menace to society.” That’s me. I need to create, in whatever job I have.

My love for photography started in high school yearbook class. With a camera in my hand I felt a confidence I never knew existed. I’ve had an amazing opportunity to bring that passion into my military career as a Public Affairs Officer. With amazing mentors by my side and I have gotten to travel all over the world capturing events and exercises. Being a military photographer taught me a journalistic and candid style of photography, and how to tell the story of a specific day. Ultimately, I learned  that I love telling stories about people, and would be thrilled to tell yours!

I believe it's important for people to feel relaxed when they're being photographed. It’s one thing to say that though, it’s another to actually be on the other side of the lens, and I realized I often felt a little awkward in front of the camera myself (I never know what to do with my hands). That’s why I spent a month in front of the camera to learn how to feel more comfortable while being photographed, and how to do the same for others.

I like to ensure that all my clients feel welcome and supported around me—regardless of who you are.

I want my space to feel as open and safe to as many people as possible. In return, I ask that you also be respectful of me, and who I am.

I can't wait to meet you.

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